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Ove Arup & Partners International Limited (UK)

Herewith the Moscow Representative Office of Ove Arup and Partners International Limited (UK) is recommending you the Staff Impire Holding LLC as a reliable and responsible partner able to assist in employment of any specialist you need at moderate price as soon as possible.

We have been collaborating with this team more than 10 years. They helped us in selection of many employees either for permanent employment, or for temporary projects. Among them are specialists in project management, architecture and planning, fire-fighting systems, automation, public health, low-power systems, as well as structural, electrical, mechanical, geotechnical engineering, and administrative staff. Recruiting specialists know well the specificity of vacancies being selected for our company. They always provide quick feedback being fully concentrated on the task posed and showing high responsibility for its implementation. We would like to express our gratitude for their ability to understand client's needs.

Quality of services, self-discipline and expertise of the specialists of this agency as well as their efficient technologies of search and selection of personnel allow us to be confident of success.

We are pleased to be always met in very attentive and friendly manner by the managers of this agency which converts regular interaction into real partnership.

In conclusion we would like to add that we are interested in further development of relationship
and hope for our fruitful cooperation with the Staff Impire Holding.
Автор:  Tatiana Belina, Human Resources Manager, Ove Arup & Partners International Limited (UK)
Год:  2012