Found in 1995, “Imperia Kadrov” has been successfully working in the field of HR from the emerging of Russia’s recruitment market. We are developing along with its pace and keeping track of the market’s progression.

Our mission aims in helping perspective meet opportunity by tying together new employees and well-established corporations to create a prospering alliance. Throughout the working process, “Imperia Kadrov” pursues the traditional moral principles incorporated in the agency’s Ethical Code through the equal prioritization of client and candidate satisfaction. Proper implementation of talent is the main goal behind each and every one of our success stories.

“Imperia Kadrov” is a proud member of the non-profit organization “Labour Market Experts”, “The Association of Personnel Search Consultants”, “The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation”, “Moscow’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry”, “The American Chamber of Commerce”, “Russian Managers Association” and “The Moscow International Business Association Service-Bureau”.

In order to share our innovative HR techniques and spread the word to all participants in the process of staff recruiting, “Imperia Kadrov” created its own HR-almanac “V TEME!”.

Throughout years, the history of “Imperia Kadrov” has elevated to impressive heights and deservedly reached the status of becoming one of Russia's top recruitment agencies. Due to our well-developed program and individual approach, the range of our customers is rapidly expanding and to this day includes major Russian and international firms in a broad range of fields.

To this day, we are honored to declare that more than 1,000 clients reliably collabourate with our team, including companies with well-established brand names and both small and mid-sized businesses.

Our Accomplishments:

2012 – “Imperia Kadrov” becomes a strategic partner and official representative of the British firm “Alex Primus”, cooperating in the field of Executive Search.

During 2012, “Imperia Kadrov” also plays the role of initiating and becoming the first member of the non-profit partnership “Labour Market Experts”.

In 2010-2011, “Imperia Kadrov” became the official HR-partner and co-organizer of key business events in Russia’s HR industry, including: the “round tables” of the “Personnel Association”, business meetings, forums and conferences of Russia’s most distinguished HR-directors. In addition,” Imperia Kadrov” was the first to propose the creation of a unique HR Academy.

In 2008 – 2009, “Imperia Kadrov” determinedly expands its regional network by opening new branches in Krasnodar and St. Petersburg.

In 2008, “Imperia Kadrov” was awarded a Certificate of Merit by the “Federal Service for Labour and Employment” in Moscow.

In 2007 - 2008, “Imperia Kadrov” ranks into the top three HR businesses according to “RBC Business Information Media”.

In 2006, “Imperia Kadrov” was awarded a diploma by the “Russian Foundation for Consumer Protection” "For the contribution to the formation of a civilized consumer market in Russia" by the results of the ratings: "The Best in Russia," "The Best in Moscow", "The Best in the Moscow Region."

In 2005, “Imperia Kadrov” was awarded the prize for "Most Loyal Customers," according to the study of the Russian recruitment market published by "Personnel Management" magazine.

In 1997 – 1998, According to research of the “International Bank for Reconstruction and Development”, “Imperia Kadrov” receives an astounding leading position among recruitment service agencies in the fields of senior management, accounting and finance, sales, advertising and marketing, as well as logistics and transportation services. “Imperia Kadrov” scores the highest rating due to reviews from client enterprises that describe the results of cooperation as “astoundingly effective”.

The history of “Imperia Kadrov” is a glorious hall of fame where talented people walked hand-in-hand towards success. Newcomers who found their true callings and established teams that found their new unique members – these are our achievements and we embrace them sincerely.

Brace yourselves, our success has just begun!