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Imperia Kadrov is a diversified company working in a broad range of business sectors. Ourexperienceandcutting-edgeknow-how provide business solutions to satisfy each client’s needs.

Executive Search-direct search of top management and experts (Executive Recruitment)
• Recruitment of Mid-Level Managers and Specialists - the search and selection of mid-level managers, line managers and experts
• Outstaffing –a service that focuses on the temporary transfer and registration of client employees
• Personnel Leasing – personnel recruitment for the term ranging from 1 hour to 3 months, for a concrete task
• Outplacement -a valuable service that focuses on the employment of laid-off staff

HR Instruments

• Labour Migration – a complex service used for the attraction of personnel from regions of the Russian Federation and from foreign countries
• Employment Protection- provides its clients with an occupational safety program.
The expertise is made by certified employees that work in the field of fire and occupational safety
• HR Audit- analyses office work for its conformity with the Labour Code of the Russian Federation and the internal requirements of the firm
• Payroll Service - which includes accounting analysis, including the calculation of wages, holiday pay, sick leave and other benefits
• Formulation of Employment Position Instructions- creation of detailed job descriptionsand their translation

Research Centre

• Staff Outsourcing– audit of a client’s receptionist services
• Payroll Service - a statistical research of the market’s level of wages which includes data from competitive companies
• Mystery Shopping –the undercover agents of “Imperia Kadrov” act as customers of our clients
• Work time snapshot – a technique in HR that allows to assess the work of a particular group of personnel.

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