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Additional Services

Each recruitment project of “Imperia Kadrov” contains elements of HR consulting. We constantly study the requests of our clients to better meet their needs with the use of innovative HR-instruments that optimize budget and personnel maintenance costs.

Our unique HR services include:
  • HR "constructor"
  • Vacancy Advertising
  • Purchase of Resumes
  • Programs for Working with Migrant Workers
  • HR Audit
  • Payroll Service
  • Composing of Job Descriptions
  • Reception Evaluation
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Work-time Snapshot
  • Labour Migration

Outplacement is an HR service that becomes increasingly popular with each year. Currently, the reputation of a firm on the labour market and the ranking of its HR-brand become the key elements that determine its position. Outplacement is a complex service based on employment support of formerly laid-off staff. This service first gained its popularity among high-tech firms, where intellectual property and confidentiality play large roles while the change of management happens quite often. Now, outplacement is often met among consulting firms, in the financial sector and other competitive markets. Often times, outplacement is useful both for top-managers and other positions as well.

Outplacement allows to:
  • Reduce dismissal compensation costs
  • Work on the image of the firm in the eyes of partners and employees
  • Increase loyalty from laid-off employees in order to lower the risk of information leakage to competitors

“Imperia Kadrov” provides a series of services and offers various programs:

Program No.1

1. Support in independent job hunting
2. Gathering of information about an employee or group of experts
3. Organizing lectures and seminars such as:
  • Review of the labour market (divided into segments and fields)
  • Methods of active job searching (guidance on creating resumes and cover letters, working with websites, etc.)
  • Successful interviewing techniques
4. Individual candidate support:
  • Resume evaluation and improving interviewing skills
  • Evaluation of professional abilities, development of self-presentation during interviews
  • Assistance in composing resumes in both English and Russian languages
5. Assessment report of fulfilled work

Program No. 2

1. Creation of a client-approved list of potential employers for the candidate
2. Representation of the candidate in employing companies, active promotion of the applicant
3. Coordination of interviews, preparing of an individual strategy of successful interviewing with recommendations and suggestions, professional support of the candidate
4. Receiving feedback from potentially employing firms
5. Negotiating job offers
6. Assessment report of fulfilled work
7. Psychologist services may be provided upon necessity

“HR constructor" – build the program convenient for you!

Direct search:Cost:
Order monitoring and developing a system of motivation0 salaries
Long list of donor companies0,15 salaries
Long list of potential candidates 0,3 salaries
Short list of potential candidates via phone interviews0,45 salaries
Individual assessment and evaluation of potential candidates0,9 salaries
Presentation of interested candidates0 salaries
Candidate starts working with 3 months warranty0,9salaries*

Classical recruitmentCost:
Order monitoring and developing a system of motivation0 salaries
Advertisement placement 0,03 salaries
Searching through open sources 0,1 salaries
Searching through the database of “Imperia Kadrov” 0,14 salaries
Telephone interview0,2 salaries
In-person interview0,7salaries
Collection of recommendations 0,1 salaries
Candidate starts working with 1 month warranty0,8 salaries*

Labour migration

Labour migration plays an important role in modern society and has a plethora of aspects and nuances. Before all, it is important to bear in mind the connection between labour migration and the rules and regulations of Russian law. Violation of the law means paying fines and exposing the firm's reputation to risk. This means that if the company's budget isn't able to finance an internal HR department for foreign citizens, outsourcing is the best option.

“Imperia Kadrov Holding” offers several programs for the collabouration with labour migrants. They focus on the invitation of employees from Russian regions, CIS, and from countries with and without a visa regime to Moscow. Besides registering invitations, we also:
  • Find a residence for workers
  • Organize their moving to the future place of work
  • Register insurance
  • Cooperate in visa and work permission registration
  • Assist with application documents for the receiving of the “Permission to Attract Foreign Labour” from the Department of Labour and Employment in Moscow.
“Imperia Kadrov Holding” offers services in document expertise for the “Permission to Attract Foreign Labour” on the territory of the Russian Federation. All necessary actions are taken by us for the avoidance of confusion, mistakes and fines.

If independently working with labour migrants, it's important to "keep pace" of the dynamically transforming legal system. In order to increase the awareness of Russian employers regarding legally attracting, hiring, registering and working with foreign migrants, we organize seminars. These seminars are meant for executives, managers and personnel, employees from HR, legal and security departments. This tutorial is divided into several blocks of information which rotate around the main idea of attracting foreign labour force:
  • Review of immigration laws and of changes in the law for 2010
  • Searching and recruiting qualified foreign employees
  • Main regulations of working with foreign citizens in Moscow, understanding proceedings (2009-2010)
  • Employer's liability for migration law violations; Severing of requirements and changes in the law
  • Documenting personnel records during official registration of a foreign worker

Employment Protection

In accordance with the program “Safe Labour”, “Imperia Kadrov Holding” provides its clients with a fire safety program. The expertise is made by certified employees that work in the field of occupational safety.

Here are a few advantages of using outsourcing for employment protection rather than organizing a personal department of safety:
  • Budget cuts - The formula is quite simple. The average salary of an employment protection specialist is 25,000 roubles per month (+ income tax + UST + workplace maintenance). Real costs will sum up to 35,000 roubles monthly. By subscribing to our service, you will see that costs will be noticeably reduced.
  • Time management - The legal system dictates strict requirements for proper employment protection. Actions like opening a separate fund, gathering and registering documentation and employee training will take a lot of time.
  • Additional protection of yourself and your business - In the case of violating the rules of employment protection, an employer becomes legally responsible for violating Section 143 of the Labour Code of the Russian Federation.
  • The improvement of the firm's image due to the refinement of personnel working conditions.
  • HR audit of “Imperia Kadrov” analyses office work for its conformity with the Labour Code of the Russian Federation and the internal requirements of the firm.

HR Evaluation allows to:
  • Minimize violation risk factors (in conformity with the Labour Code)
  • Identify deficiencies in implementation of HR procedures
  • Minimize financial and labour expenditures
  • Improve the image of the firm in the eyes of the employees

Stages of Work
  • Introduction to corporate and industrial regulations, standards and requirements for a better understanding of the company’s priorities and traditions
  • Verifying of the mandatory staffing documents
  • Detection of "high-risk areas"
  • Identifying the criteria and priorities of various documents
  • Analysing staffing documentation for their compliance with the norms of the Labour Code and other regulations
  • The final stage consists of data processing, identifying overall violations, and proposing methods of improvement
“Imperia Kadrov” offer clients to choose one of the following methods of HR audit:
  • Verifying the mandatory staffing documents (as per List)
  • Random inspection of documentation (as per List)
  • Identification of "high-risk areas"
  • Report preparation
“Imperia Kadrov” provides HR evaluation, and helps eliminate found inaccuracies by through these steps:
  • Managing personnel records
  • Using existing or creating new document templates for HR
  • Reproduction of staff documentation; consultation regarding further management of personnel records
  • Developing of personnel records management “from scratch”
  • Training of HR employees
  • Text analysis in accordance with existing standards of labour legislations
  • “Payroll Service”, which includes calculation of wages, holiday pay, sick leave and other benefits
  • Calculation of Personal Income Tax, Unified Social Tax, insurance payments
  • Preparation of documents (English as well), payrolls, expense sheets, tax computation, etc.
  • Preparation of reports, declarations, employment tax cards and other standardized forms mandated by the laws of the Russian Federation
  • Tracking of changes in legislation and timely consultation of the client

The “Payroll Service” of “Imperia Kadrov” significantly reduces accounting costs such as:
  • Costs related to holiday pay and sick leave to accounting employees  Payments to recruitment services (when an accounting employee leaves the firm)
  • Medical insurance
  • Maintenance costs (purchase of equipment, office furniture, stationery, etc.)
  • Office rental
  • Purchasing and systematic updating of accounting software
  • Trainings and seminars of accounting personnel
  • Purchasing of books and specialized accounting literature
  • Legal advice
To send us an inquiry or for a consultation, please contact our Development Department.

Formulation of employment position instructions

Employment position instructions play a key role in the optimization of business procedures and must be strictly comply to labour legislation. Even minor unconformity might lead to large fines from regulatory agencies.

Detailed job descriptions allow personnel to appropriately and fully comprehend their responsibilities and plan their work time accordingly.

The experienced consultants of “Imperia Kadrov” help in creating personalized job descriptions for various employees of your company. If necessary, our experts translate employment position instructions from a foreign language with legal interpretation.

Through comprehensive analysis of each client’s needs, “Imperia Kadrov” precisely fulfills requirements. Our team evaluates the efficiency of the existing work process by assessing a broad range of the company’s activities – from the management system to the functioning of the reception.

“Payroll Service” is a statistical research of the market’s level of wages which includes data from competitive companies. Salary comparison is made by leading experts of “Imperia Kadrov” upon individual request with due regard to the specifics of your business. The final report is a result of market research consisting of up-to-date information.

“Mystery Shopping” is an effective HR instrument that allows to grade customer service and sales.

“Work time snapshot” – a technique in HR that allows to assess the work of a particular group of personnel.

To send us an inquiry or for a consultation, please contact our Development Department.