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Executive Search

"Executive Search" is a hunt for experienced top managers with outstanding decision-making skills. The responsibilities of leading executives include management planning, professional consulting with a deep understanding of the market, corporate strategy and structure analysis.

All projects and regarding "Executive Search" are strictly confidential. Each client has the right to demand a detailed rating report of competitive top managers for the comparison of their advantages.

“Imperia Kadrov Holding” is highly experienced in searching and selecting talented executives and unique experts. In 2012, the British firm "Alex Primus" entered the Russian market with “Imperia Kadrov Holding” as their official partner and representative for the launching of "Executive Search".

"Executive Search" projects allow clients to experience all of the advantages of recruitment, and present new opportunities for agencies. The success of "Executive Search" lies in a unique working practice consisting of both Russian and international recruitment strategies, individual approach and ideal accuracy.

Every "Executive Search" project presents a modified strategy for finding the perfect candidate that exceeds all expectations.

The duration of a project’s warranty period is set individually.

Client reviews of our "hunting placements" are published on our website. Additional recommendations are available upon request of the client.

Further information about the "Executive Search" service can be found on the official site of our partner – "Alex Primus".