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Operational personnel

The maintenance of many manufactories and production companies essentially rely on its operational personal. This is why it is crucial to assure the proper selection of its members. “Imperia Kadrov Holding” recruits highly qualified production staff for enterprises of different sizes and segments:
  • These are the main and auxiliary workers of shops, including workers of power, tool, compressor, steam and water supply etc.
  • Utility workers of logging, peat mining, mines, packing plants, construction factories, etc.
  • Workforce and engineers skilled in electrical and heating systems, substations
  • Workers of transportation departments (rail, land, water and other transportation), mainly related to manufacturing services
  • Freight workers
  • Workers of research and development, construction, design engineering
  • Workers engaged in the regulation and production of experimental samples of new products, pre-commissioning and development (preparation) of new production facilities and sites
With us, you have the opportunity to minimize your expenses thanks to various recruitment tools (outstaffing, personnel leasing, temporary staffing). You can also reduce costs on operational personnel by using the services of HR consulting (seminars aiming in reducing labour turnover, development of labour productivity, optimizing the size of the enterprise, etc.)