Payroll Service

Leading experts of “Imperia Kadrov” participate in performing salary reviews in accordance with your individual needs and the specifics of your business. The gathered information is a result of detailed market analysis and reflects the latest statistics of the appropriate economic segment.

“Payroll Service” allows you to:
  • Optimize and rationalize the budget of the HR-department
  • Calculate the optimal payroll for a new subdivision, department, office or staffing position
  • Create and develop financial motivation for employees (variable salary parts, rewards, bonus payments, etc.)
  • Attracting and maintaining highly qualified specialists, establishing loyalty among employees
  • Remove skepticism and convince employees that the existing work environment is better than those in competitive firms
  • “Knock down” wage expectations of candidates during interviews
  • Evaluate the socioeconomic position of a region during the geographic expansion of a business
  • Estimate the condition of office spaces from the perception of a potential purchaser/ evaluate compliance with corporate standards/ test knowledge of production and services, ability to present and sell production/ grade communication skills of sellers (ability to maintain good contact during stressful situations)/ review the ability to convince clients (active sales, business communication)/ arranging marketing campaigns (“deal of the day”, discount handouts, promoting new products, etc.)
  • Analyzing compliance between the image of the firm and corporate service standards
  • Motivating personnel for effective work in conformity with standards
  • Certifying personnel
  • Examining the sincerity of employees and their relationship to the firm (management)
  • Researching the strengths and weaknesses of competitors
  • Promote sales
  • Calculating the direct labour budget (for each employee)
  • Analyzing the structure of labour hours
  • Finding the reasons for ineffective use of labour hours 
  • Compare the results of employees with similar tasks and assist in improving them
  • Analyzing the organizational and technical working conditions and their influence on the direct labour budget
  • Analyzing time-management skills of top employees
  • Improve the handling of projects by obtaining alternative data on the use of human resources
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