Our new convenient service will allow your business to experience a new level of labour-management relations. “Outstaffing” is a service that focuses on the transfer of employees working in one company to another legal entity. We register the “outstaffed” employees in our firm structure, become responsible for the calculation and payment of salaries, and supervise tax turnover and staff records management. Through “Outstaffing”, employees can be provided either by the client or by “Imperia Kadrov”. The time of registration can range from one month to several years.

The advantages of “Outstaffing”:
  • Reducing maintenance costs for HR personnel and accountants
  • Finding qualified specialists for the fulfillment of a concrete task
  • Reduction of administrative risks during trial period
  • Ability to hire additional employees even with limited staff and budget
  • Social protection of employees as additional motivation

“Imperia Kadrov” provides a variety of flexible “Outstaffing” options.

The cost of the “Outstaffing” service includes:
  • Calculation of wages
  • Calculation of holiday pay and sick leave
  • Settlement of Personal Income Tax
  • Determine insurance payments; including to the Social Insurance Fund; Fund of Mandatory Health Insurance (Federal and Territorial, Pension Fund)
  • Annual statements (Social Insurance Fund, Personal Income Tax, Fund of Mandatory Health Insurance, Pension Fund, military registration)
  • Additional Outstaffing services are available upon request:
  • Payment for food
  • Registering for continuing education
  • Offering agreements of voluntary health insurance
  • Business trip support
  • Registering for working permits (assist in preparing documents for your company to receive the "Permission to Attract Foreign Labour")

“Imperia Kadrov” guarantees the compliance of its Outstaffing practices to the labour legislation.

Please look into our client feedback reviews. Other information may be presented upon request in person.

To send us an inquiry or for a consultation, please contact our Development Department.