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Research Center

The Research Center of “Imperia Kadrov Recruitment Holding” is a special informational resource for HR consulting. It independently organizes and implements research in HR for the precise fulfillment of the client’s project. The Research Center team collects and arranges data from various economic, legal and clerical fields to compose appropriate analytical reports.

Each research project meets the requirements of our client, provides clear, essential information and in turn, shapes the fundament of a business.

The Research Center provides unique plans with the use of classic HR-audit instruments:
  • Reception evaluation
  • Salary valuation
  • “Mystery Shopping”
  • “Work time snapshot”
There are no “typical tasks” for the Research Center’s working process. Each project is developed individually in conformity with conditions and time frames.

Reception evaluation is a complex grading of the efficiency of the reception functioning. The convenient system of reception evaluation allows to rapidly progress receptionist service.

Salary valuation is a statistical analysis of the level of wages on the labour market, including those of competitive companies. Analytical experts of “Imperia Kadrov” guarantee high-quality reports that will be made specifically for your individual order. Gathered information reflects market research of the field of your business.

“Mystery Shopping” is an effective HR-instrument that allows to efficiently evaluate customer service and sales. The “Mystery Shoppers” of “Imperia Kadrov” are selected individually to suit your typical clients and professionally perform their roles. They visit your business undercover, choose products or services as a typical client, ask questions, make purchases and then narrowly evaluate their impressions, grading the performed work.

“Work Time Snapshot” is a novel technique in HR that allows to observe the work of a particular group of personnel. The “Work Time Snapshot” is a type of surveillance which measures the time dedicated to the fulfillment of a task and examines overall time management. As a result, we can see an exact “snapshot” of what and in what time is done by the personnel. The “Work Time Snapshot” service is useful for staff from various fields – both the “white collars” and the “blue collars”.

The Research Center of “Imperia Kadrov Holding” regularly publishes its researches in the “News” section of the company’s website, in our own HR-almanac “V TEME!” and in other press releases.

All informational activity and updates of the Research Center can also be received online from correspondents.